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Who Are The Charedim (ULTRA ORTHODOX)? | Haredim in Israel - Part 1


Who is the ultra Orthodox community in Israel? In this series we will learn about the Haredim in Israel. Are all the chareidim in Israel the same? What are some of their unique characteristics? What is their ideology? Why don't the Haredim join the army? In this video we will discuss who are the Charedim in Israel? In the next episodes- Why most of the Haredim in Israel don't join the army? The Haredi school system explained. How do they fund themselves? Hope you enjoy! Shalom from Israel! ⏱ TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 00:00 Intro 00:33 Who are the Haredim? 02:50 Main Groups in the Haredi community 04:00 Why this topic is so relevant in Israel 05:14 Personal note 05:56 Jewish Segregation - History 06:52 History of Orthodox Judaism 09:20 Creating the Israeli Chareidi society other video you may like: The Jewish Enlightenment (1730-1850) | Brief History 🤍 4 Jewish-orthodox attitudes towards the State of Israel (Zionism) 🤍 #haredim #chareidim #judaism #orthodoxjew

How do Charedim(Ultra Orthodox) Support Their Large Families? | Haredim in Israel - part 4


How do Charedim (Ultra Orthodox) support their families? How are they able to support so many children? In this video we will dive into the Charedi economics, some of their techniques to allow them to lead their full time Torah learning lifestyle (Only 51% of them work). In this series we learn about the Haredim in Israel. Hope you enjoy! Shalom from Israel! ⏱ TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 00:00 Intro 02:03 How do Charedim fund themselves? 02:10 #1 02:30 #2 02:42 #3 02:57 #4 04:30 #5 04:53 #6 05:29 #7 05:53 #8 07:46 Do they feel poor? 08:37 Economic burden 09:46 The poverty trap 12:10 Can we escape the poverty trap? Previous videos in the series: Who Are The Charedim (ULTRA ORTHODOX)? | Haredim in Israel - Part 1 🤍 Why Don't Charedim (Ultra Orthodox) Join The IDF? | part 2 🤍 Why Don't Charedim (Ultra Orthodox) Teach Their Sons Secular Studies? | Haredim in Israel - part 3 #haredim #chareidim #judaism #orthodoxjew #israel

Israeli Police Clash With Charedim in Meah Shearim and Modi'in Illit


Police forces were attacked as they attempted to disperse a crowd of hundreds that gathered in Modi'in Illit on Tuesday night in violation of coronavirus restrictions, a police spokesperson reported. As police forces arrived at the scene to disperse the gathering, people began throwing rocks at them and at surrounding police vehicles. Seven people were arrested and taken in for questioning, police reported. Four police officers were injured according to the report as well. On Tuesday night, police also arrested 17 suspects of violence and rock throwing at police officers on Shivtei Israel Street and Sderot Bar-Lev in Jerusalem. The crowd also ignited trash cans and caused property damage to both private and police cars. This took place as police were again enforcing the Health Ministry's restrictions in the city, dispersing crowds in several locations. Police also handed out fines to those who refused to disperse. A police statement released said, "Israel Police will continue to perform its duty of maintaining public health and will not allow any single person or small extreme groups to deter it from doing what is needed."

#Reporters: How the Haredim, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox, make their own rules


Subscribe to France 24 now: 🤍 FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 🤍 In Israel, the Haredim community (or "Those in awe of God") lives separately from the rest of Israeli society. Dressed all in black, these ultra-Orthodox practise a strict form of Judaism, cut off from modern society. In cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, they have their own neighbourhoods, shops and schools and do not hesitate to challenge the authorities. Our correspondents in Israel went to meet members of this inward-looking community that’s often tyrannical towards its own. ►► Also read on France 24: "Israel’s supreme court cancels conscription exemption law" 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

Charedim Protest Against Shabbos Desecration


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Inside Israel's Closed Off Ultra-Orthodox Communities | Foreign Correspondent


In the modern State of Israel, the ultra-Orthodox – or Haredi – communities live a world apart. Rejecting the secular, they live according to ancient religious principles. Many Haredi men spend their days in religious schools studying the Jewish bible. “People here focus on the essentials: on the Torah. Material things are irrelevant here,” says Yossef, a member of a Haredi community on the edge of Tel Aviv. “On Shabbat, cars stand still, everyone observes Shabbat. The women show restraint outdoors.” Yossef’s wife, Esther, supports her husband. “Man was created to study day and night. As a woman, I support that and benefit from it as well.” The Israeli government subsidises this lifestyle, exempting community members from compulsory military service. It’s lead to resentment among secular Jews, tensions which have deepened during COVID. “This is a state within a state,” says one Israeli MP. “Many Haredi movements want to integrate into Israeli society…the only problem is that some Haredi leaders strongly hinder this integration.” Presented by Eric Campbell, this Arte documentary explores how pressures from outside are forcing many Haredim to integrate more with the modern world. Moshe is one who’s pushing the boundaries. He’s set up a tech company which adheres to religious rules, including providing separate workspaces for men and women. “In the business world, the sexes share a space and many Haredim don't deal well with that. So, we founded this place, so the Haredim feel comfortable in the high-tech world.” Chira dreams of becoming a professional singer, but as a Haredi woman she’s not allowed to perform for men. She’s decided she wants to be a performer, but only for other women. “I will never be able to sing on a stage where everyone can see me. But a new female audience is emerging. They organise parties, celebrations for young girls, festivals for women.” Moshe feels his community’s traditions can help drive innovation. “Some think if you preserve tradition, you stay stuck in the past, but the future is innovation… The talent for innovation comes precisely from reflection…This legacy enables us to look forward and invent new things.” This is a fascinating and rare insight into a normally-closed world on the cusp of change. About Foreign Correspondent: Foreign Correspondent is the prime-time international public affairs program on Australia's national broadcaster, ABC-TV. We produce half-hour duration in-depth reports for broadcast across the ABC's television channels and digital platforms. Since 1992, our teams have journeyed to more than 170 countries to report on war, natural calamity and social and political upheaval – through the eyes of the people at the heart of it all. Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC’s Online Terms of Use 🤍 (Section 3). This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel

Charedim Get the Job Done


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Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest against Israeli military service


Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews blocked a major intersection in Jerusalem in protest against attempts to force them to register for Israel’s military draft. Military service is mandatory for most Israeli Jewish men, but the ultra-Orthodox are often exempted so they can pursue their religious studies #israel #palestine #jews #orthodox #orthodoxjews #israeliarmy #IDF Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Middle East Eye Website: 🤍 Follow us on TikTok: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

Why Don't Charedim (Ultra Orthodox) Join The IDF? | Haredim in Israel - part 2


Why Don't Charedim (Ultra Orthodox) Join The IDF? In this video we will dive into the Charedim Vs the IDF. Why don't they serve? History of the exemptions given. Most importantly, what are some possible solutions to solve this conflict? In this series we will learn about the Haredim in Israel. In the next episodes- The Haredi school system explained. How do they fund themselves? Hope you enjoy! Shalom from Israel! ⏱ TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 00:00 Intro 00:51 How did this exemption start? (History between 1948-Today) 05:20 Why don't they serve in The army? 05:30 Reason # 1 06:27 Reason # 2 07:14 Reason # 3 08:34 Reason # 4 09:29 The General Economic view - Economic Burden 11:27 What are some solutions to this conflict? 11:32 Solution # 1 - Let them off the hook, lower the age they can work 14:06 Solution # 2 - Make the army a professional army 15:20 Solution # 3 - National Service instead of the Army. other video you may like: Who Are The Charedim (ULTRA ORTHODOX)? | Haredim in Israel - Part 1 🤍 #haredim #chareidim #judaism #orthodoxjew #israel



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Charedim, Israeli Police Clash In Beit Shemesh


Ultra orthodox jewish men clash with Israeli police in the city of Beit Shemesh, Dec 26, 2011. Tempers in Beit Shemesh ran high Monday, following the growing demand to crack down on radical religious elements that are demanding stricter enforcement of segregation between the sexes in the city. A police officer was wounded as clashes erupted between ultra-Orthodox Jews and Israel police on Monday in two separate neighborhoods in Beit Shemesh. Two residents were also arrested in the clashes. Approximately 300 ultra-Orthodox Jews began chasing police officers, hurled rocks at them, and burned trashcans after police were called to remove a sign on a main street that orders the separation of men and women in the neighborhood. The sign has been removed and re-instated several times over the past two days.

Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews 'harass' 8-year-old girl over dress


🤍 Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to curb harassment and discrimination after complaints over the behaviour of ultra-Orthodox Jews. Police intervened after a television crew was set upon by one group as the journalists investigated a case of alleged abuse. Their car was stoned, a reporter wounded and equipment stolen. The town of Beit Shemesh near Jerusalem is under the spotlight, after an eight-year-old girl complained of being threatened by ultra-Orthodox men over her dress. Find us on: Youtube 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍

Insults hurled at female Israeli soldier as Charedim challenge draft


Strictly Orthodox protest the arrest of Yeshiva students who ignored military service call. For the full story see 🤍

Why Don't Charedim (Ultra Orthodox) Teach Their Sons Secular Studies? | Haredim in Israel - part 3


Why Don't Charedim (Ultra Orthodox) teach their sons secular studies? What is Jewish perspective on secular studies? In this video we will dive into the Charedim Vs Secular Education. We will explain about the The Haredi school system. In this series we learn about the Haredim in Israel. Hope you enjoy! Shalom from Israel! ⏱ TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 00:00 Intro 00:51 Haredi School system in Israel explained, do they learn a secular education? 01:58 What is Liba (Core curriculum) in Israel? 02:42 Why is the Liba (Core curriculum) such a heated topic in Israel 04:51 Why Don't they teach their sons secular core studies? 05:04 Reason # 1 - Torah learning is the highest value 05:48 Reason # 2 - Afraid of influence of secular studies 06:50 Reason # 3 - They trust their Gedolim (great rabbis) 07:27 Reason # 4 - Belief their sons can easily make up the material 09:22 Jewish Perspective on Secular studies 11:14 My rabbi's perspective Previous Videos in the series: Who Are The Charedim (ULTRA ORTHODOX)? | Part 1 🤍 Why Don't Charedim (Ultra Orthodox) Join The IDF? | part 2 🤍 #haredim #chareidim #judaism #orthodoxjew #israel

Rabbi Dovid Hofstedter- The Rising Anti Semitism Anti charedim Sentiment


Rav Dovid Hofstedter shlit”a, Founder of Dirshu, on Parshas Hashavua and Hashkafa

Why do Haredim keep their distance from smart phones, internet and television?


Anadolu Agency talked to Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem 🤍 Check out our website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Shimmy Engel Interview On Bechadrey Charedim | שימי אנגל בריאיון לבחדרי חרדים


Shimmy Engel On Facebook: 🤍 Shimmy Engel On Twitter: 🤍 Shimmy Engel Interview On Bechadrey Charedim About The New Album Klal.

PART 1 Unveiling Mystery of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Communities | Crown Heights, Brooklyn | HAVA MEDIA


[SHARE] Unveiling the mystery of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities! 📍Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC Ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities are often a mystery to the rest of us, observing their unique garments and religious practices, without knowing the meaning and motivation behind them. So, I took a tour of Hasidic Crown Heights, home to the thriving Chabad-Lubavitch orthodox Jewish community. ► PLAYLISTS » Things to Do in Manhattan - 🤍 » Iconic/Famous NYC - 🤍 » FREE Things to Do in NYC - 🤍 » NYC Life (Vlogs)- 🤍 ✩ JOIN MY YOUTUBE FAM! ✩ 500 subscribers - September 2nd, 2021 1000 subscribers - stay tuned! ✩ SUBSCRIBE HERE ✩ 🤍 *Click the little BELL to be among the first to know about future videos ✩ IMPORTANT LINKS ✩ Instagram ⟶ 🤍havaschultz ► MY PRODUCTION SETUP CAMERAS » Canon R50 (w/18-45mm lens): 🤍 » Insta360 X3: 🤍 » Canon G7X Mark II: 🤍 AUDIO » Rode Wireless Go II: 🤍 » Rode Lavalier Go: 🤍 CAMERA ACCESSORIES » SD Card: 🤍 » iPhone Remote: 🤍 » Canon Remote: 🤍 » Phone Tripod Converter: 🤍 OTHER EQUIPMENT » Selfie Stick (built-in tripod): 🤍 » Traditional Tripod: 🤍 » GorillaPod: 🤍 » Teleprompter: 🤍 » External Hard Drive (2TB SSD): 🤍 _ #hava #havamedia #havaschultz Thanks for watching!

Israel: Ultraorthodox und homosexuell?


In der Weltspiegel Doku "Israel. Auf dem Weg in den Gottesstaat?" seht ihr mehr über Tomos Verhältnis zu den Ultraorthodoxen: 🤍 Tomo ist homosexuell und lebt in Israel. Bis ins Teenager-Alter war er Teil der ultraorthodoxen Community. Dann ist er ausgestiegen. Heute geht er mit seinem Lebensgefährten gemeinsam auf die Pride Parade in Jerusalem, ein Event, gegen das auch zahlreiche Ultra-Orthodoxe demonstrieren werden. „Wir sind das Bunt zwischen eurem Schwarz und Weiß“ heißt es auf seinem T-Shirt – eine Botschaft an Ultra-Orthodoxe, die sich ja auch zur Zeit in der Regierung befinden. ARD-Korrespondent Christian Limpert hat Tomo bei seiner Fahrt nach Jerusalem begleitet, bei der Pride Parade – trotz aller Sicherheitsbedenken – und bei der Begegnung mit Ultra-Orthodoxen.

Ultraorthodox: schwieriger Weg in die Freiheit


Die Netflix-Serie „Unorthodox“ erzählt die wahre Geschichte von Deborah Feldman, die aus ihrer ultraorthodoxen Gemeinde in New York ausgebrochen und nach Berlin geflohen ist. ZDF-Reporterin Katrin Eigendorf interviewt die Frau via Skype in Berlin und fährt dann nach Jerusalem, um hinter die Kulissen der ultraorthodoxen Gemeinschaft dort zu blicken. Dort wirkt das Stadtviertel Mea Shearim wie ein eigener Planet mitten in Jerusalem. Seine Bewohner sehen sich als besonders fromm an: Eine ultraorthodoxe Gemeinschaft, die nach eigenen Gesetzen lebt. Sie alle folgen den Regeln der Rabbiner. Für eine Fremde ist es so gut wie unmöglich, einen Einblick in eine ultraorthodoxe Familie zu bekommen. Der Reporterin gelingt es dann allerdings doch: Yossi Saaks empfängt das ZDF-Team in einer engen Drei-Zimmer Wohnung, wo er und seine Frau mit fünf Kindern leben, die jüngste ist noch ein Baby. Sie sprechen nur Jiddisch untereinander. Internet oder Fernsehen gibt es hier nicht. Die Mauern der ultraorthodoxen Gemeinde bröckeln. Die Anzahl der Aussteiger liegt inzwischen bei zehn Prozent. Ihre Geschichten haben das Thema herausgetragen an die Öffentlichkeit. - In dem Video geht es auch um Suizid. Wenn ihr selbst Suizidgedanken habt, kontaktiert bitte umgehend die Telefonseelsorge (kostenlos): 0800/111 0 111, 0800/111 0 222 oder 🤍. Hilfe bei Suizidgedanken findet ihr bei [U25] Deutschland. Die Beratung ist kostenlos und anonym. Hier ist die Übersichtsseite aller [U25]-Standorte in Deutschland: 🤍 Eine anonyme und kostenlose Online-Beratung durch PsychologInnen und SozialpädagogInnen für junge Menschen in Lebenskrisen finde ihr hier: 🤍 #auslandsjournal

Charedim Scream Nazi as Israeli Police Make Arrest


Charedim scream Nazi at Israeli Police as they try & make an arrest. The crowd manages to free the man.

Israeli TV Channel 2 Profiles Charedim in New York - Part 4


Yair Sherki went to Brooklyn to check out the haredi community there. החרדים בארה"ב שנאבקים בישראל כיצד מרגישים החרדים בברוקלין לגבי ישראל? מצד אחד, יש את אלו שתומכים במדינה, מרגישים אליה זיקה, אך בד בבד נמנעים מלגור בה. מהצד השני, החרדים שמתנגדים לישראל, לציונות, ונלחמים בה בכל הכוח. וגם - מה הם חושבים על האוכלוסייה החרדית בארץ? "ברוקלין של קודש": הפרק הרביעי והאחרון בסדרה בכל שבוע מגיעה קבוצה קטנה של חסידי סאטמר שמחזיקה משמרת מחאה אנטי-ישראלית בלב מנהטן, מול בניין האו"ם, במחאה על גיוס חרדים לצה"ל. רק לאחרונה התאספה הקהילה באצטדיון "בארקליס" למפגן כוח, אלפי חרדים שבאו למחות נגד גזרת הגיוס בארץ הקודש. "אנחנו לא מזדהים עם המדינה, היא לא מייצגת אותנו", מסביר יעקה כהן, פעיל אנטי ציוני מחסידות סאטמר. מי שהפיקה את האירוע היא חסידות סאטמר, החצר הגדולה ביותר בארה"ב ואולי בעולם היהודי כולו, עם אידיאלוגיה אנטי ציונית בלתי מתפשרת, שלא מסתפקת רק במחאות. כמעט כל המימון למחאות נגד הגיוס בארץ מגיעה משם. כך למשל אירוע מהשבוע שעבר: חלוקת דמי חנוכה לעשרות עריקים מהפלג הירושלמי שנעצרו בהפגנות נגד הגיוס. כל בחור רווק קיבל צ'ק של 2,000 שקלים, אברך נשוי קיבל 4,000, הכל מתנת הדודים הקיצוניים מעבר לים שמעבירים גם כספים רבים למאבק המשפטי ולמימון הקמפיין. "מנסים לדכא את שארית הפליטה בארץ הקודש, רוצים לכפות עליהן כור היתוך ולפורר את הציבור החרדי לגמרי", מוסיף כהן. כשמדברים על יחסי השנאה או האהבה של החרדים בארה"ב לישראל, אין אפשר להתעלם מהחיבור אולי המרכזי ביותר - הכסף של הדודים מאמריקה. כך למשל בבית הכנסת בבורו פארק ניתן להבחין בדוגמא אחת - עשרות משולחים, "שנוררים", שהגיעו במיוחד מישראל כדי לאסוף תרומות, מתאספים כאן בשעה קבועה ואחד הנדיבים מחלק כסף. מפרטים את הבקשה עבור ישיבה, מוסד או חתונת הבת. ארה"ב- ישראל, יחסי אהבה-שנאה הפרטים נבדקים והצ'ק, אלפי דולרים, יגיע בדואר. בסך הכל מאות מיליונים לישיבות, לכוללים, למוסדות ולאנשים פרטיים, קשה למצוא נתון מדויק כי חלק גם לא מדווח. בלי העזרה מהאחים באמריקה, ספק אם המגזר החרדי בישראל היה מצליח להתקיים. "אפשר לחיות בארה"ב ולחוש אהבה עמוקה לישראל" הישיבה הדדולה ביותר בעולם נמצאת בליקווד, ניו ג'רזי. כ-7,000 אברכים לומדים כאן תורה מבוקר עד ערב. את הנשואים האישה מפרנסת וזה המודל שהכי מזכיר, כמעט אחד לאחד, את עולם הישיבות בישראל. "הישיבה נותנת מלגה לכולם, הם משלמים לאנשים כדי שילמדו", מסביר יוסי טרווס, תלמיד ישיבה. "הרעיות חלקן משגיחות על הילדים ומחזיקות עסקים קטנים בצד. אני חושב שבאמריקה הכלכלה טובה יותר אז זה קל יותר, איפלו סכום קטן של כסף מספיק כדי לשרוד". אמריקה, היא עדיין גלות על התפר שבין הגלות הנינוחה לבין מדינת ישראל פגשנו גם יחס עויין, אבל גם הרבה אהדה וכמעט אף פעם לא אדישות. ועדיין גם כשהלב אולי במזרח, יותר קל לקיים חיים חרדיים דווקא כשהם בסוף המערב. "זו לא סתירה", מסביר ג'ייק טורקס, כתב הבית הלבן של מגזין "עמי". "אתה יכול לחיות בארה"ב ולחוש אהבה עמוקה ועזה לארץ ישראל, ולהקנות אותה לילדיך ונכדיך". בין היידיש והאנגלית וגם העברית שמתערבבות על אדמת אמריקה הטובה - קל לשכוח שזאת גלות. החרדיות שפגשנו, חיים יהודים אותנטיים שמשתלבים במרחב האמריקני מספרת סיפור של הכלה, אך גם סיפור על אחים מעבר לים שהעין שלהם, גם אחרי כל ההבדלים, עדיין צופיה לציון. האם גם אנחנו נדע להביט עליהם מכאן, ואולי אפילו ללמוד? אולי משהו טוב מברוקלין יעוף עד לארץ ישראל.

'Why I had to leave my ultra-Orthodox family' - BBC News


Would you be able to leave your family and friends, knowing you may never see them again, so you could follow your dreams? That was the choice Izzy Posen, a Hasidic ultra-Orthodox Jew faced when he decided to leave his isolated religious community. He told BBC World Service how his life has been transformed since breaking free. Video produced by Trystan Young and Alice Porter Please subscribe HERE 🤍

Clashes Erupt as Ultra-orthodox Demonstrators Block Roads in Jerusalem to Protest Military Service


Hundreds of ultra-orthodox Jewish protesters blocked intersections in West Jerusalem's centre on Thursday, following the arrest of an ultra-orthodox draft-refuser Jewish man, who was trying to leave the country. Demonstrators, members of the extremist Friedman faction, could be seen laying on roads and blocking traffic, causing heavy delays around the city, as dozens of cars were seen in traffic. Police officers, in turn, were trying to drag protesters away from intersections, however, their attempts did not see success. Later, water canons were used to disperse protesters. Earlier last week, police arrested a member of the sect who was imprisoned for draft refusal, sentencing him to 30 days in prison. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish often ask for exemptions to avoid joining the mandatory army of the country, still, most extremist groups refuse to even apply for exemptions.

Charedim and the Draft


BTW, see: 🤍 R' Dovid Soloveitchik on the "Gezeiros." Fascinating stuff!

Ultra-Orthodox Jews throw stones at police in Jerusalem over COVID restrictions


Ultra-Orthodox Jews, known in Israel as Haredim, have in recent months clashed repeatedly with police enforcing coronavirus restrictions on gatherings. READ MORE : 🤍 Let the pictures do the talking: subscribe to No Comment 🤍 No Comment is brought to you by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe. Find us on: Youtube 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 🤍 #Nocomment

Lakewood Mashgiach, HaRav Mattisyahu Solomon Speaking at Citi Field


Queens, NY - Tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men attended a rally Sunday May 20 2012, at the New York Mets' stadium on the dangers of the Internet and how to use modern technology in a religiously responsible way. The rally was organized by a rabbinical group called Ichud Hakehillos Letohar Hamachane, which means Union of Communities for the Purity of the Camp. Published reports have put the cost at $1.5 million.

קליפ חתונה חרדית גבריאל ורבקה | צלם חרדי משה חיים כץ | Orthodox Jew Wedding Clip -Gavriel & Rivka


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Raw: Ultra-Orthodox Jew Stabs 6 at Gay Parade


An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man lunged into a group of revelers at Jerusalem's annual gay pride parade and stabbed six people on Thursday evening, Israeli police and witnesses said. (July 30) Subscribe for more Breaking News: 🤍 Get updates and more Breaking News here: 🤍 The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. AP’s commitment to independent, comprehensive journalism has deep roots. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings. AP is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. Today, AP employs the latest technology to collect and distribute content - we have daily uploads covering the latest and breaking news in the world of politics, sport and entertainment. Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important. Subscribe: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

‫Satmar Rebbe Dancing Mitzvah Tanz In Israel


Satmar Rebbe Of Williamsburg Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Dancing Mitzvah Tanz At The Wedding Of His Granddaughter In Bet Shemesh, Israel Wednesday January 23 2013 Jerusalem - The children of two prominent Hassidic rabbis the daughter of Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Teitelbaum, head of the Jerusalem branch of Satmar, and the son of Rabbi Shaya Labin Ziditshov of Williamsburg, Brooklyn were wed to one another on Wednesday, January 23, 2013. Thousands attended the wedding ceremony and reception which was held in Beit Shemesh, Israel. The bride's grandfather, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum (the Satmar Rebbe), was also in attendance. After months of meticulous planning on both sides of the Atlantic, the Satmar Grand Rabbi, Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum, traveled to Israel on Saturday night, January 19th, in order to celebrate the wedding of his granddaughter. This visit is the first time in thirty years that a Satmar Grand Rabbi has traveled to Israel and marks the first time that Rabbi Teitelbaum will go to Israel as Grand Rabbi of the Satmar chasidim. The Grand Rabbi is expected to be accompanied on his trip by thousands of his followers from all across the globe. Rabbi Teitelbaum has been the leader of the large and influential chasidic sect for the past seven years, having inherited the position upon the death of his father, Rabbi Moses Teitelbaum, who was the leader of the Satmar chasidim for thirty five years until his death in 2006 at the age of 92. The Satmar congregation consists of a main synagogue in Williamsburg at 152 Rodney Street as well as over thirty smaller synagogues, separate schools that educate approximately19,000 boys and girls and numerous charitable funds and organization. The congregation also has its own cemetery and matza bakery. Follow "Shiezoli" Wherever You Are YouTube: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Vimeo: 🤍 Flickr: 🤍

Isolated ultra-Orthodox Jews at epicentre of Jerusalem’s coronavirus outbreak


Jerusalem’s isolated ultra-Orthodox community is at the epicentre of the city’s coronavirus outbreak, but the traditional Jewish laws its population abides by means that the government’s confinement measures have had little effect so far. The Israeli police officers who try to enforce the rules are often verbally and physically assaulted. FRANCE 24 reports. Subscribe to France 24 now: 🤍 FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 🤍 Visit our website: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

Thousands of ultra Orthodox Jews infringe lockdown to attend rabbi's funeral


The following video is a part of Haaretz news coverage. For the newspaper website: 🤍

Haredim riot in Jerusalem


Haredi riots: Nordau Street and Jaffa Road was blocked off and by ultra-Orthodox demonstrators.

Haredim protest draft


Credit: Israel Police

Violence And Verbal Assault Against Charedim Children By Secular Israelis


Jerusalem - 11-year-old boy approached by two secular men while waiting at a bus stop, struck in the face, Kikar Hashabbat reports. At least two incidents of abusive attacks against ultra-Orthodox children have been reported to the police this week, in the wake of the recent storm surrounding several incidents of haredi extremism and the intense media attention that has followed. According to a report from the haredi news website Kikar Hashabbat, on Tuesday morning an 11-year old boy, referred to as David L, was physically assaulted by two secular men. While waiting at a bus stop in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood of Sanhedriah, David was approached by two men he described as "big, and without yarmulkes or pe'ot (sidelocks)." According to the boy's mother, Malka, the two men began shouting at him, and struck him in the face several times. They also attempted to prevent him getting on to his bus although he eventually succeeded on boarding by sticking close to a group of people also getting on the bus. Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said the boy and his mother came to the police station and filed a complaint later that day. The police opened an investigation into the matter. On Sunday, Kikar Hashabat launched an email hotline for members of the ultra-Orthodox community to report any incidents of violence or verbal assault against them. Since the hotline was established, the website has reported on numerous incidents of alleged attacks against haredim. An editorial on the Kikar Hashabbat website last month said that it was launching the hotline in light of "media incitement" against the haredi public and because "as a haredi media outlet, we can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch the fire of hate that is spreading." The ultra-Orthodox world has come under intense criticism in recent weeks over a series of incidents involving perceived discrimination against women, as well as extremist agitation against a national-religious girl's school in Beit Shemesh. Tuesday's incident came the day after a similar episode that occurred on Monday, when an 11-year-old girl complained to police that she was attacked on a bus by a secular man. The girl told police that the man spit at her, shoved her and shouted at her "haredim are cursed," and that they should not travel on buses any more. Police opened an investigation into Monday's incident as well. The Yisrael Hofshit religious freedom activist group, which has campaigned vigorously to bring the issue of discrimination against women to public attention and was one of the main organizers of last week's protest in Bet Shemesh, issued a statement on Facebook on Tuesday condemning "all forms of violence and verbal abuse against the ultra-Orthodox public." "There is no place [to attack] the haredi sector as a whole," the statement read. "In every community and society there is good and bad, moderates and extremists. Our obligation as citizens of the state is to oppose extremism, violence and religious coercion, and to preserve the values of freedom and equality in the State of Israel. Speaking with The Jerusalem Post, Yisrael Hofshit director Miceky Gitzin said that the organization was nevertheless persevering with its campaign to ensure that the government and police act against discrimination towards women. "It's not about us and them, we're not working for any particular sector, we want the law to be enforced," he said, adding that many complaints he receives regarding discrimination against women come from ultra-Orthodox men and women. In a conversation with the Post last week, MK Yisrael Eichler, chairman of the United Torah Judaism faction in the Knesset, rejected claims that the ultra-Orthodox world was undergoing becoming more extreme. "There is no radicalization in the haredi sector," he said. "What's happening is that there is radicalization in the secular world against our community, and it's simply got worse in recent years." Eichler also denied that there is widespread coercion of women to sit at the back of buses, arguing that haredi men and women voluntarily segregate themselves. The MK cited a study, presented last week to the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee on which he sits, in which 1,150 checks were carried out in 2011 by inspectors from the Ministry of Transport on 55 bus lines which had been flagged as gender-segregated. The inspections were carried out according to a High Court of Justice directive in which the male or female inspector deliberately sat in the "wrong" section of the bus. In 56 instances, the inspector was requested to move seats to the "appropriate," section, and in 15 cases the inspector complied with the request due to concern that a physical confrontation may have ensued. Eichler argued that these numbers contradict claims that coercive gender segregation on public buses is widespread.

Shouldn't We All Be Haredim? - Rabbi Joseph Dweck


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How to Pronounce Charedim


This video shows you how to pronounce Charedim

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