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New Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado) 2018 review – see just how tough it is!


The Toyota Land Cruiser, also known as the Prado, is a tough off-roader. There's a reason why it's THE go-to choice for so many drivers who spend their time in the wilderness. To prove just how tough the latest version really is, Toyota invited me to Namibia to try it out. It's one of my roughest in-depth reviews ever! Subscribe – 🤍 Save – 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Insta – 🤍 Twitter – 🤍 Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal. Visit our site to save money on your new car – 🤍

Toyota PRADO 2022


Toyota PRADO Redesign launched back in 2018 and Carryover to 2022 model year. The new exterior design further enhances strength and innovation. - The center of the hood is shaped in a way that takes forward visibility into account, while the front of the vehicle exudes power aided by the conjoined large front grille and headlamps. Other new features include LEDs for the headlamps in all cars and 19-inch aluminum wheels (machine-cut highlights and dark gray metallic coating) - The rear design suppresses the protrusion of the combination lamp and realizes a more stable stance through modification of the trim design. The interior has a more advanced design, particularly the instrument panel. - Lowering the upper part of the air vent ring (air conditioning outlet) improves visibility. In addition, the thin, tablet-style design of the navigation display adds a modern tone to the interior. Metal highlights have been added to the center cluster and dashboard to increase the premium feel. - The steering wheel was designed with attention to ease of grip, and its new appearance blends seamlessly with the instrument panel. The vehicle supports safe driving through the inclusion of the Toyota Safety Sense P collision avoidance support package and Drive-Start Control as standard features, together with the new addition of the Blind Spot Monitor The exterior panels come in a total of nine colors including the new Blackish Ageha Glass Flake (option color) and Avant Garde Bronze Metallic. The interior specifications adopt two colors including Neutral Beige. For the first time, the Land Cruiser series uses Torsen®5 limited-slip differential for the rear differential with the option to select between five driving modes (Normal, Eco, Comfort, Sport S, and Sport S+) depending on driving conditions and are included as standard on the TZ-G to enhance driving pleasure. The diesel vehicle grade system has been revised with the addition of a 7-seater to the TX and a 5-seater to the TX L Package. Land Cruiser Prado Model: TX Seating: 5 Engine: 2TR-FE (2.7-liter gasoline) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 3,538,080 Japanese yen Model: TX Seating: 7 Engine: 2TR-FE (2.7-liter gasoline) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 3,692,520 Japanese yen Model: L Package Seating: 5 Engine: 2TR-FE (2.7-liter gasoline) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 4,047,840 Japanese yen Model: L Package Seating: 7 Engine: 2TR-FE (2.7-liter gasoline) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 4,202,280 Japanese yen Model: TX Seating: 5 Engine: 1GD-FTV (2.8-liter diesel) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 4,152,600 Japanese yen Model: TX Seating: 7 Engine: 1GD-FTV (2.8-liter diesel) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 4,307,040 Japanese yen Model: L Package Seating: 5 Engine: 1GD-FTV (2.8-liter diesel) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 4,667,760 Japanese yen Model: L Package Seating: 7 Engine: 1GD-FTV (2.8-liter diesel) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 4,822,200 Japanese yen Model: TZ-G Seating: 7 Engine: 1GD-FTV (2.8-liter diesel) Driveline: Full-time four-wheel drive Transmission: 6 Super ECT Price: 5,363,280 Japanese yen Prado 2022 Price in Australia: GRADE PRICE CHANGE GX manual $53,490 -$600 GXL manual $59,990 -$1,200 VX auto $73,990 -$911 KAKADU auto $84,490 -$1,121 Thanks for Watching! More New Car Videos: 🤍

Toyota Prado VX 2022 Review


The Toyota Prado is the 4x4 wagon that just keeps delivering 👉 Full Review: 🤍 The Toyota Prado is a cornerstone of the Japanese brand’s Australian success story. Now deep into its third generation, the seven-seat off-road wagon faces more challengers than ever from a host of eager rivals keen to knock it off its perch. Considering this generation has been around since 2009 and its 2.8-litre turbo-diesel drivetrain since 2015, it’s understandable they fancy their chances. But in this test, the latest 2022 Toyota Prado VX reminds us why it’s been such a tough nut to crack for the opposition. Fast Forward 00:00 INTRO 00:30 Pricing and specs 02:20 Interior review 03:26 Infotainment & safety 04:20 Passenger space 05:04 Luggage space 05:53 On the road 07:48 Service and warranty 08:07 Verdict Subscribe for the latest advice, reviews and comparison tests 👍 🤍 STAY UP TO DATE & CONNECT WITH US AT 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 carsales- Everything you auto know Whatever badge on your bonnet, we want you to know, we love cars.🚗 Shamelessly so. That’s why we pooled our decades of passion and know-how into one, easy to get to place. So for helpful advice, reviews, comparison tests and everything you auto know like subscribe to the official carsales YouTube channel today. 🤍 #carsaleschannel #landcruiserprado #toyota #offroadsuv

2022 Toyota Prado on/off-road review (inc. 0-100): The benchmark 7-seat SUV?


Toyota has rolled out updates to the MY22 Toyota LandCruiser Prado. While we already have a review of the 2021 Toyota LandCruiser Prado Kakadu (watch it here: 🤍 this is a review of the step down the ladder. Paul Maric reviews the 2022 Toyota LandCruiser Prado VX, which represents far better value for money than the top-specification Prado Kakadu. Let us know what you think in the comments section! Hardness tester results: 🤍 More Toyota content: 🤍 More Toyota LandCruiser Prado content: 🤍 Skip Ahead: Intro: 00:00 Exterior 00:54 Interior 03:32 Infotainment 04:54 Safety Tech 06:22 Practicality 07:10 On Road 12:40 0-100: 14:15 On road: 14:27 Off Road 16:40 Verdict 22:09 We review every new car on the market, bust car myths, cover the latest car tech and answer your burning questions. Whether you need new car advice, purchase validation or simply love learning more about new cars and technology, we are your car experts. Subscribe to Car Expert: 🤍 You'll find us dropping new video content three times a week. If you'd like to ask a question about one of our videos, simply leave us a comment. If you'd like to give us any feedback on our content, feel free to email us, or alternatively, hit us up on social media. Finally, we want this channel to grow with your support and feedback. If there's anything you don't like or would like to see us change, we'd love to hear from you! Follow us on social media to see what we're up to and to ask any questions! CarExpert: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Paul Maric: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #toyota #prado #review #landcruiser

Is the Prado worthy of the hype? | ReDriven Toyota LandCruiser Prado (2009-2021) used car review


Check out the Toyota LandCruiser Prado Cheat Sheet here: 🤍 MERCH!! - Grab yours here! - 🤍 We've had countless requests for a review of the Toyota LandCruiser Prado, so here it is! It's the go-to off-roader for many families who need to tackle the school run come Monday morning. Super spacious, practical and capable, but what should you be on the look out for if you're thinking of buying one? Head over to YouTube now to see our full video review and don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date with all our latest content. Do you own a Toyota Prado? Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below! 00:00​​ - Intro 00:53 - What is it? 02:20 - Does it look good? 04:39​​ - How's the interior? 07:13​​ - How's the tech? 08:00​​ - Is it practical? 09:42 - What goes wrong? 10:48​​ - Is it safe? 11:48​​ - What's it like to drive? 14:51 - How much does it cost? 15:20 - Running costs? 16:15 - Should you buy it? #toyota #landcruiser #prado - At ReDriven, we’ll be taking you through the pros and cons of a huge range of used cars to see how well they’re going now that they’re a few years old, have thousands of kilometres on the clock, and are coming toward the end of their warranty, or maybe don’t have one at all. Plus, thanks to our resident mechanic, Jim, you’ll find out what commonly goes wrong with them and what might need to be fixed. Most importantly, we want to make ReDriven a voice for the most in-the-know used car experts there guys.. See, you’re the ones that actually buy, live with, love and sometimes unfortunately hate the cars we’ll be reviewing. So we want to hear your thoughts. Hit us up in the comments, or on Instagram and Facebook. We’d love nothing more than for you to give us as much feedback as possible, so we can make this channel the best it can be. Find us on: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍

Toyota Land Cruiser (Prado) 2014 review - Carbuyer


Toyota Land Cruiser SUV 2014 review: 🤍 Subscribe to the Carbuyer YouTube channel: 🤍 Subscribe to Auto Express: 🤍 "Mighty off road ability and good reliability make the Toyota Land Cruiser a bulletproof 4x4, but it lacks the comfort of rivals like the Land Rover Discovery 4."

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2023 | The Most Reliable Car. Top SUV 8 Seats.


New SUV #Toyota #LandCruiser #Prado 2023 | The Most Reliable Car. In addition, in some other countries, Prado is provided with 2 other versions. The elegance of Prado, sleek shape and its imposing grille affirm its powerful and statutory image. Experience how to drive this 4x4 in a different way by taking advantage of its exceptional handling thanks to the advanced suspension system and its strong chassis structure. In some countries, Prado is now available with improved power output of the 2.8 turbo diesel*. Land Cruiser Prado integrates many innovative technologies that turn your journeys into adventure experience in both urban and on-road. With a high ground clearance of up to 215 mm, Toyota's SUV has the best wading ability in the segment. In addition, the car also has good off-road ability thanks to the integration of many support features such as central differential lock and electric bridge system. Land Cruiser Prado 2023 shifts wheels smoothly and smoothly on the road thanks to the independent front / rear suspension, double wishbone / Dependent, multi-link. Although not a car with strong acceleration, but Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2023 has a solid chassis. When running on the highway, users easily feel the certainty and safety that Prado brings.

Why You Should Buy the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado - Details features and Specs


Welcome to Lavish Luxury! In this video, we're going to share with you details about the upcoming 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. So, let's deep dive into the video knowing more about this Lavish Vehicle. 👉 Subscribe to my channel to stay tuned: 🤍 The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado ranks among the top cars from Toyota, and well, for a while now, there has been a lot in the news about whether there would be an upgrade for the car when the lineup for the 2023 model year is released. Despite being one of their top selling options in its range, it just seems like Toyota have not really seen cause to upgrade the car, with the fourth generation coming as far back as 2009. However, in that time, the car has seen a couple of major facelifts, but the real question now is, Will we be getting a new Land Cruiser Prado for 2023? Or is the era of a next-gen Prado finally upon us? Well, if you're curious to find out about all these and even more details about the Land Cruiser Prado for 2023, then you'll definitely want to stay tuned for this. We hope you enjoy the video. Make sure that you click the "Like" button and also share this video with your friends and others who might also be interested to know more about the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Please click "Subscribe" and click the bell icon to keep up to date with new videos from Lavish Luxury. And if you've got any questions or feedback about this video topic, please leave a comment in the comments section. -copyright Disclaimer- Title 17, US Code ( Sections 107-118 of the copyright law, Act 1976): All Media in this video is used for purpose of Review & commentary under terms of fair use. All Footage , & images used belong to their respective companies Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing

2021 Toyota Prado review: Now 500Nm. On & off-road baby Land Cruiser test.


The Toyota Landcruiser Prado is one of the most popular big SUVs on the market. The 2021 Landcruiser Prado includes a beefed up engine with 500Nm of torque and continues to provide as much technology and features in this top specification Prado Kakadu. Paul Maric reviews the new Toyota Prado to see if it's any good. Hardness tester results: 🤍 Full review: 🤍 More Toyota content: 🤍 More Toyota Prado content: 🤍 Skip Ahead: Intro: 00:00 Exterior: 01:21 Interior: 03:03 Infotainment: 04:47 Safety Tech: 06:25 Practicality: 07:08 On-road: 12:54 Off-road: 18:19 Verdict: 22:44 We review every new car on the market, bust car myths, cover the latest car tech and answer your burning questions. Whether you need new car advice, purchase validation or simply love learning more about new cars and technology, we are your car experts. Subscribe to Car Expert: 🤍 You'll find us dropping new video content three times a week. If you'd like to ask a question about one of our videos, simply leave us a comment. If you'd like to give us any feedback on our content, feel free to email us, or alternatively, hit us up on social media. Finally, we want this channel to grow with your support and feedback. If there's anything you don't like or would like to see us change, we'd love to hear from you! Follow us on social media to see what we're up to and to ask any questions! CarExpert: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Paul Maric: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 More on the Toyota Landcruiser Prado range: 🤍 #toyota #review #prado #landcruiser 🤍Toyota Australia

ALL New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2021


The 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is getting more power from its updated 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. According to Toyota Japan’s press release, the new Prado diesel has class-leading torque and better fuel economy. The previous motor was only good for 174 horsepower. But now, the revised turbo-diesel mill is churning out 201 horsepower, and that’s not the best part. It can churn out 369 pound-feet of torque, which is 37 more torques than before. With those figures, the 2021 model is the first Land Cruiser Prado to have a 200-horsepower diesel mill. It also happens to be the torquiest diesel engine Toyota has ever made. In other markets, this same engine is found in the new Toyota Hilux pickup truck and Fortuner SUV. Please HELP me reach 1,000 Subscriber. Thank you! All credits to TOYOTA CC Please like and Subscribe for more videos. Thank you!

Does it deserve its reputation? (Toyota Prado 2022 review)


We test the updated 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Kakadu to see what this 4WD is really like. Subscribe: 🤍 | Visit Chasing Cars: 🤍 Note: the Prado's towing capacity was misstated as 3500kg. It is 3000kg. Take the next step with Chasing Cars: 🤍 The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is the smaller of the two Land Cruiser products sold in most markets, sitting alongside its newer, bigger, quicker sibling - the 2022 Land Cruiser 300 Series. The Prado is diesel-only here in Australia, using a 2.8-litre engine making 150kW of power (201 hp). It is mechanically related to the Hilux ute and it competes mainly with the Ford Everest, Isuzu MU-X and other ute-based wagons. In today’s episode of Chasing Cars, journalist John Law conducts an in-depth independent road test of the 2022 Toyota Prado Kakadu 4WD. Find more Toyota Land Cruiser Prado content over on our website: 🤍 Please consider subscribing and joining our Chasing Cars community!

Toyota Just UNVEILED A 2024 Toyota Prado Hybrid And A V6?


Toyota Just UNVEILED A 2024 Toyota Prado Hybrid And A V6? Are you interested in hearing an interesting update? A must-have for any Toyota fan! Toyota is working on a diesel hybrid drivetrain for their upcoming Prado SUV. Toyota is scheduled to unveil the next-generation Land Cruiser Prado in 2024. It will likely be built on a tuned version of the new GA-F platform designed for the full-size Land Cruiser 300 Series. However, what secrets will be concealed beneath the hood? Do you want to know? Then stay tuned to TECH ADDICTS. Given that the fifth generation of the Prado will not be available for another two years, we have plenty of time to speculate about the future of one of the most popular off-road vehicles in Australia. In spite of this, given Toyota's recent achievements with new-generation products and the development of hybrid powertrains, the 2024 Prado ought to be much more than just a facelift. In the meantime, Toyota will release a late-life update for the existing 150 Series Prado in the month of August. This update will modernize the active-safety systems and styling details of the vehicle, but this is just a prelude to the main event, which will be the introduction of an all-new Prado for the first time since 2009. Is the next Toyota Prado going to be a hybrid? According to a report from the Japanese publication Spyder7, the fifth-generation Land Cruiser Prado will utilize an all-new 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine capable of producing 184 kW. This is the same as the total system output of a Kluger 2.5-liter hybrid, but the addition of an electric motor will allow the headline power output to be increased to 294 kW. Toyota already possesses hybrid powertrains, such as the 'iForce Max' self-charging hybrid that can be found in the new Tundra full-size pickup truck in North America. The Tundra and the Land Cruiser 300 Series share their GA-F platform architecture. Together, the 3.4-liter twin-turbo petrol V6 and the 36kW electric motor in the Tundra Hybrid are responsible for producing 326kW of power and 790Nm of torque. If a twin-turbo gasoline V6 hybrid does end up being installed in the Prado, the engine will almost certainly be of a smaller capacity and will have less tuning than the current version. Having said that, we continue to anticipate that Toyota will develop a more compact hybrid powertrain for the next-generation Prado and Hilux that will be based on a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. What about the Prado running on diesel? The 2.4-liter internal combustion engine that is planned for the Prado may be converted to run on diesel fuel rather than gasoline and will be shared with the next-generation Hilux ute. Midway through the year 2021, Sean Hanley, vice president of sales and marketing for Toyota Australia, stated that a hybrid version of the Hilux is "clearly a direction we would look to." It is possible that the newly developed hybrid will be based on a diesel powertrain, given the recent history of the Hilux ute as a nearly entirely diesel-powered vehicle; however, given Toyota's current product development, this does not appear to be likely. Diesel engines are common in large utes and 4WDs because they are more fuel efficient, have a longer range, and produce lower CO2 figures. Despite this, diesel combustion results in higher NOx and particulate emissions, both of which are hazardous to human health. Diesel engines are popular for these reasons. As a result of this, over the course of the next ten years, Toyota will most likely switch to gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrains as a replacement for large-capacity diesel engines found in four-wheel-drive vehicles such as the Prado and the Land Cruiser. This will allow the company to avoid making investments in innovative diesel-electric technology. Check this out: Toyota's C-HR 2023 Shocked Everyone With It's Features 👉 🤍 Here's Why Toyota's RAV4 2023 Will Shock Everyone 👉 🤍 #techaddicts #toyota #toyotaprado ⚠️ Copyright Disclaimers • Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: "Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright." • We use images and content in accordance with the YouTube Fair Use copyright guidelines

The 90 Series Land Cruiser Prado is the Best BUDGET Overlander


In this video I go over why I believe the 90 Series Land Cruiser Prado is the best budget overland vehicle one can buy. This is my personal Prado which has been featured on the channel many times and I have owned it for 6 years. I have plenty of experience with the Land Cruiser; therefore, I can provide some valid points. Intro (0:00) Interior (1:04) Towing (1:39) Comfort (2:12) Off Road Capabilities (2:46) Outro (3:13)

Toyota Prado 150 Stage 1 Diesel Exhaust. На что способен Прадо150 в бездорожье ???


Прадик на чипе в карпатских лесах. Toyota Prado 150 3.0 TDI Stage 1, straight pipe exhaust 206 hp/ 535 Nm. Tires 285/70r17 Dick Cepek Extreme Country. Without diff block. Instagram: johnydarkness Ukraine, Tyachiv 2020.

Top Gear ~ Toyota Land Cruiser


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Что не говорят о Toyota Land Cruiser Prado?


Обзор легендарного вездехода Тойота Ленд Крузер Прадо 150 с нетипичным взглядом на эту модель. Разбор как по технике так и по ездовым характеристикам. Статья про новые дизеля серии GD. 🤍 Так же на данном ресурсе очень много подробной информации о toyota со ссылками на заводские документы. 🤍 - группа об авто с пробегом - вступай! 🤍 - а так же инстаграм

2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX 2.8L DIESEL AT 4X4 - [SoJooCars]


This video is about 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX 2.8L DIESEL AT 4X4 #PRADO #LANDCRUISER #DIESEL This 2021 Toyota Prado Land Cruiser is one of the best looking SUVs in the Market Today. But to find the DIESEL variant is another rare find. Like this model right here will be sold by the time this video is up. This Prado is a baby land cruiser 200 that actually has better technology and features than the LC200. I feature the Prado Interior, Prado Exterior, Prado Feature, and Prado Drive Impression. This Land Cruiser Prado felt like a proper luxurious off roader with great features that we need in the Philippines. Toyota Land Cruisers are still an icon for success and abundance. I want to really put this vehicle to the test someday. Thank you for watching this video and please contact: Mr. Edu Sianghio Globe: (+63) 917-960-0412 May your dreams come true! 📑 For Business Inquiries 📝: joohyuklim🤍 You can contact me in Facebook! 🤍 You want to see me in Vlogs? 🤍 Follow me on instagram! 🤍

AMG G63 vs Toyota Land Cruiser: OFF-ROAD RACE & BATTLE


Need help buying your next car? Click the following link and my team and I will help you choose your ideal car at a fair price - from Mat Watson! 🤍 ............................................................. Thanks to Connor for lending us his G63: 🤍 Check out Protrax: 🤍 Who’s ready for an almighty off-road battle?! We’ve got the super luxurious Mercedes-AMG G63 going head-to-head against the Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial across a series of off-road challenges to see whether luxury can topple utilitarian once they leave the tarmac. When it comes to the power stakes, the G63 easily has the Toyota beat. With a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet, this AMG can put down 585hp & 850Nm of torque! In comparison, the Land Cruiser rolls up with a 2.8-litre turbo diesel that can only produce 204hp & 420Nm. In terms of off-road capabilities, they both come with more than enough ability to tackle some off-roading, including low-range modes and central locking diffs. However, while the Toyota is set up for any terrain, the G63 arrives with road tyres and a low-slung exhaust! That’s not all though! While the Toyota is relatively cheap at £37,000, the AMG costs around £157,000! So with that in mind, is Mat prepared to push it to the limit off-road?! You’ll have to keep watching to find out! ............................................................. Instagram – 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Twitter – 🤍 Sign Up to our Newsletter – 🤍 Awkward haggling is a thing of the past with carwow. Choose your perfect car with our configurator tool and let the country’s best dealers compete over you. Compare the five best offers by price, location and dealer ratings and choose the one that’s right for you – no hassle, no haggling, just a great deal.  Oder auch in Deutschland Geld beim Autokauf sparen – 🤍 Visita nuestra página web para saber cuánto te puedes ahorrar en tu nuevo coche – 🤍

Juliet drives the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


It can take you anywhere, what's not to love Go to 🤍 for more

New 2017 Toyota LandCruiser Prado VX-L Limited Top Model Review


This is the LandCruiser Prado lated model in the 2017, This model has face-lift changed from the previous generation since 2014 and improved new technology driving systems so far. The Top model of present Prado is VX-L, which comes standard all new multi-optional playing features inside the cabin also enhancing the engine with 3.0 D4-D Turbo Diesel, 5-speed automatic multi-mode transmission, 179 Horsepower and reducing engine sound making the Prado becomes significant of Toyota legendary's family. THANKS FOR WATCHING ((( Please subscribe for more coming up Videos ahead )))

Here’s Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Best Off Road SUV


Land Cruiser Prado review. Here’s Why the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Best Off Road SUV, suv review and suv tour with Scotty Kilmer. Is the Toyota Land Cruiser the best SUV? Car show off contest winner Wasim and his 2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. This 12 year old car has a 4 liter v6 engine and is located in East Africa, Kenya. DIY car repair with Scotty Kimer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years. And remember, every Sunday 11 am CST, there will be a new car shown here on my channel. For a chance to have your car featured in a video on my channel, send a picture and description or short video to my email: scotty.mechanic🤍 and the best one for the week will be shown in a future episode on my channel. ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 🤍 2. Cheap Scan Tool: 🤍 3. Professional Socket Set: 🤍 4. Wrench Set: 🤍 5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 🤍 ⬇️Things used in this video: 1. KK's Toyota Footage 2. Common Sense 3. 4k Camera: 🤍 4. Camera Microphone: 🤍 5. Camera Tripod: 🤍 6. My computer for editing / uploading: 🤍 7. Video editing software: 🤍 8. Thumbnail software: 🤍 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► 🤍 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► 🤍 Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► 🤍 Scotty on Social: Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 This is the people's automotive channel! The most honest and funniest car channel on YouTube. Never any sponsored content, just the truth about everything! Learn how to fix your car and how it works. Get a chance to show off your own car on Sundays. Or show off your own car mod on Wednesdays. Tool giveaways every Monday to help you with your own car projects. We have a new video every day! I've been an auto mechanic for the past 50 years and I'm here to share my knowledge with you. ►Here's our weekly video schedule: Monday: Tool giveaway Tuesday: Auto repair video Wednesday: Viewers car mod show off Thursday: Viewer Car Question Video AND Live Car Q&A Friday: Auto repair video Saturday: Second Live Car Q&A Sunday: Viewers car show off ►Second Daily Upload Every Afternoon of Live Car Q&A videos as well! Scotty Kilmer is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program. #savagescotty

Toyota Prado 150 modified full walk around / Rig Rundown / Lap of Australia / THE ULTIMATE TOURER


Gday viewers! Welcome back to another Episode! In this one we take a look at Percy the Prado and how we have modified it for our lap around Australia. Percy the Prado is a 2011, 150 series Prado with the 1kD engine. We tow a hybrid offroad caravan and plan on being on the road for another couple of years. Hope you guys enjoy! Become a Patreon: Patreons will receive early videos and shoutouts on our videos. From only 2$ a week you'll be supporting us in huge ways! Making videos for you guys is our passion and it is becoming our job while we are on the road. If you enjoy our videos and wanna support us even more please feel free to sign up! Patreon: 🤍 Tip us on Pay Pal: 🤍 iTechworld 10% off all products discount code: SKT10 🤍 Sarah and keelan travels blog: 🤍 Sarah and Keelan travels on instagram: 🤍



FORTUNER vs PRADO 00:00 intro 00:46 Content list 1:16 Which is better off-road 02:40 General cargo test 03:41 Rear space for touring 06:23 Highway comfort 07:55 Rough Surface comfort 09:47 The Numbers game 11:00 Engine performance 11:55 FUEL ECO 13:19 GVM shootout 15:07 History & Heritage 17:00 Major Differences 20:04 Pricing / COST 21:34 Rear seat test (requested) 22:50 The CHOICE I WOULD MAKE Thanks for watching and Please Subscribe: 🤍 Support the creation of videos at Find us at the links below: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 For more details, Off Road information & Videos visit 🤍

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado : Bu n'oluyor?


Kurtarıcı görevi görecek lokal bir traktör kullanıcısı ile bir noktada diyaloğa gireceğime emin olmama rağmen Land Cruiser Prado, sorumluluk bilinci yüksek bir aile dostu olarak zorbalıklarımın üstesinden gelmeyi başardı. Aynı gün başlayıp, aynı gün sonlanan off-road kariyerimdense, Land Cruiser'a olan ilgimin ön planda olduğu bu videoyu hazırlarken eğlendim. Umarım siz de eğlenirsiniz. İyi seyirler.

Toyota Prado 2022 - Рвем рынок, европейские Прадо вдвое дешевле дилерских!


Друзья! Поговорим о насущном, о деньгах. Перед вами пример того, что сейчас у наших партнеров покупают люди. Тойота - Надежно по прежнему, недорого и да, мы можем её сделать лучше чем она есть:) Ссылка на телеграм канал с новыми автомобилями: 🤍 Купить новую машину: 8-985-755-30-60 Телефон Клубного Сервиса: 8-495-778-45-27 ( Вопросы по допам и гарантии) Наш Телеграм: 🤍 Ссылка на Яндекс Дзен 🤍 Наша группа в VK 🤍 Ссылка на RuTube 🤍 Наш сайт - 🤍 Наши контакты - 🤍

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado - Prestige and Utility SUV


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Specs: Engine: 2.8-liter Diesel D-4D Transmission: 6 A/T AWD Maximum torque 500 Nm at 1600-2800 rpm Maximum power 200 Hp 0-100 (km/h): 9.9 s Top Speed: 175 km/h Torsen® LSD high-friction rear differential Front suspension - Independent, spring on double levers Rear suspension - Dependent with transverse traction Length 4840 mm Width 1885 mm Height 1895 mm The wheel base is 2790 mm Land Cruiser Prado configuration details: Toyota Safety Sense Toyota Smart Entry System Panoramic view system with front, rear and two side cameras Side steps with lighting Blind Spot Monitoring systems Front and rear parking sensors Special thanks to Тойота Центр Івано-Франківськ: Subscribe: 🤍 #prado #landcruiser #toyota

Самый популярный и надежный японский внедорожник! LAND CRUISER PRADO 150. 2-й Рестайлинг | Обзор


Предлагаем небольшой видеообзор Toyota Land Cruiser Pado TRJ150 2-й рестайлинг 2018 года. Культовый 7 местный внедорожник от ТОЙОТА с аукциона Японии в топовой комплектации! Как привезти Prado за 2.3 млн. р.??? 🔘Хотите купить такой авто напрямую из Японии? Мы поможем 🦾🎯 ОБРАТНАЯ СВЯЗЬ С НАМИ 👇🏼 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ ⬇️ Сайт 🤍 Оставить заявку 🤍 Аукционы ОНЛАЙН 🤍 Инстаграм 🤍 Telegram 🤍 Telegram channel 🤍 📱call/whatsapp: +79841981168 📧info🤍 🇯🇵 Аукционы авто, мото и спецтехники Японии 🗃 Таможенное оформление - пошлина, конструктор, распил 🚘 Автомобили и запчасти в наличии #автоподзаказизяпонии #автоизяпонииподзаказ #автоизяпониисдоставкой #японскиеаукционы #купитьавтоизяпонии #автоизяпонии #аукционыяпонии #японскоеавто #автосаукционовяпонии #грузовикиизяпонии #спецтехникаизяпонии #toyota #toyotaprado #toyotaprado150 #landcruiserprado

Новый Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.Тест-драйв.Anton Avtoman.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado на 🤍 Покатушки с Дефендером: 🤍 Почта для связи avtomantest🤍 🤍 Добавляйтесь в друзья!) 🤍 Инстаграм: 🤍

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser KHANN Edition - interior and Exterior in Details


Thanks: KHANN 🤍 🤍 New Toyota Land Cruiser Debuts with 409-HP 3.4L Twin-Turbo V-6 The new 300-series SUV is enticing but won't be making its way to the U.S. market in this form. We may get a version as the next Lexus LX. Toyota has revealed the new 300-series generation of the Land Cruiser SUV. It has new engines including a twin-turbo 3.4-liter V-6 and a 3.3-liter turbodiesel V-6. We won't get this new model in the U.S., but we may get something similar as the next-gen Lexus LX. Toyota doesn't redesign the Land Cruiser too often, so the arrival of this new 300-series model is a big deal. Compared with the outgoing 200-series iteration, this new Land Cruiser is lighter, more powerful, and has a far more modern interior. It'll go on sale in global markets but likely won't reach the U.S.—at least not in this form. After the Land Cruiser's recent discontinuation, the prevailing rumor is that America will only get the Lexus version of this new model, as the next-generation LX. While we wait to see what Toyota does with this new model on our shores, we can dive into the specs. It weighs a claimed 440 pounds less than its predecessor and uses two new engines: a gasoline twin-turbo 3.4-liter V-6 with 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque or a turbodiesel twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 with 304 hp and 516 pound-feet of torque. A ten-speed automatic transmission and—naturally—four-wheel drive are standard across the board. The new design doesn't look radically different from the current model, but the front end has a more prominent grille and a snazzier lighting setup, while the rear has new taillights and a reshaped tailgate. Inside, the cabin benefits from a significant upgrade with a large tablet-style infotainment screen and a cleaner dashboard layout. Three rows of seats will be available, and the third row appears to fold into the floor—a change from the current model, which requires you to flip and fold the wayback seats up towards the windows for more cargo capacity. We should hear more about Toyota's future plans for the Land Cruiser soon, and we're curious to see what happens—if anything—with the nameplate in the U.S. Read More 🤍 📌 Instagram ▶ 🤍 📌 Tiktok ▶ 🤍

2020 Toyota Prado vs New Land Rover Defender 110 - Luxury Off-road Titans go head to head


Looking for a used Toyota Prado? We have over 140 to choose from! 🤍 We headed out to our favourite 4x4 testing facility, Welgelegen 4x4 just outside Cape Town, to put these two luxury behemoths to the test in their natural habitat. The big news here is that this is not an entirely new Prado, but it has been given a new beating heart in the form of the uprated 2.8L engine which is now doing duty in the latest Hilux. It is worth saying up front that this isn't necessarily an apples for apples test as we could not secure a diesel Defender, so we had to make do with the extremely powerful 6-cylinder P400. But it is an interesting test nonetheless, given that the Prado offers a tried and tested formula of a ladder frame chassis, a decently luxurious interior, 7-seats and a 6-figure price tag which comes in well below this particular Defender, although the diesel Defender is closer in price. Climbing into the Land Rover and you feel like you've time-travelled to the future. This is one seriously smart and capable vehicle and left Ciro De Siena feeling like he didn't really need to be there; the car could have probably climbed those mountains all on its own. We do hope you enjoy this in-depth test of the two cars. Let us know in the comments below which one you'd have and why. Visit at: 🤍 Follow on the socials: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Visit SentiMETAL at: 🤍 Follow SentiMETAL on the socials: 🤍 🤍 Download the App here: Apple 🤍 Android 🤍

VVIP Land Cruiser Prado | The Best Toyota SUV Car | MCMR


Dealership Name : AutoBest Emperio Website : 🤍 FOR ENQURY CALL : 8888588886 Follow Me On Social Media mcmr cars : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Business/Collaborations :- mycountrymyridebusiness🤍 Disclaimer! My Country My Ride (MCMR) is an online ( Youtube) platform and an intermediary between its users and the Automotive Dealership which gives the information to its Users to buy their preferred Two/Four Wheeler MCMR only provides information about Vehicle and its Dealership and does not take any responsibility of the vehicle condition , authenticity or any documentation. Thanks Keep Supporting #MCMR#Irfanchoudhary

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado J150 (2009-2023) Buyers guide (4.0 V6, 2.7 i4, 2.8/3.0 Diesel) Lexus GX460


Toyota Land Cruiser buyers guide J150 covering the Prado model or smaller Land Cruiser (than J200 and J300). Buyer’s guide for 4.0 V6 and 2.7 i4 petrol, or gas motor, and 2.8 diesel i4, and 3.0D4D). Are you trying to decide between a Range Rover or a Land Cruiser/Lexus GX460 for a car to enjoy on-road and off-road? Or maybe you've looked at the Larger J200 Land Cruiser, or J300 Land Cruiser and are not sure if the Prado will be big enough. Avoid buying the cheapest broken Land Cruiser J150 by following our guide on what to look out for. In our Land Cruiser Prado review and Lexus GX460 buyers guide, we advise how to avoid the mistake of buying a broken J150 Prado to fix as a project and it turning into a money pit by explaining common faults and common problems. This buyer’s guide covers the J150 Toyota Land Cruiser from years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2014, 2015 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 in all trims from LC3, LC4, LC5, and GX, GXL, VX, Altitude and Kakadu other limited editions, as well as the Lexus GX460. Our used buyer’s guide will help you buy and find the right car for sale so that you can say you bought a Land Cruiser or Lexus GX460 that isn’t a project and instead is something you can enjoy from the test drive to your home. The issues discussed in our buyer’s guide for the J150 Land Cruiser and Lexus GX460 include body positioning sensors, delaminating paint, and a recall of the GX460. Owners of the GX460 and Land Cruiser Prado may also find our guide useful. For our podcasts search 'the miles driven' wherever you get your podcasts. Link to full podcast episodes - 🤍 To find out more about The Miles Driven, check us out on social or leave us a comment down below on what you think is best. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Creators - Miles Goodson Sam Goodship Legal and disclaimer - Any content not originally created by The Miles Driven remains the property of the original owner and is editorialised for media reporting. All content is used within the confines of media reporting/editorial use and is transformative in nature to inform others with new information and content about cars and vehicles. We use no more of the original content than necessary in alignment with U.S copyright law for fair use and U.K fair dealing. We accept no liability for the purchase of vehicles using our guide and suggest thorough due diligence by individual professional inspections before making a buying decision.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado J150. Стоит ли брать? | Подержанные автомобили


Друзья. Прямо сейчас мы участвуем в национальной премии "Большая цифра"! За любимые каналы голосуют сами зрители, поэтому вы нам нужны! Переходите по ссылке: 🤍 Там голосуйте за "Авто Плюс" в разделе "РАЗВЛЕКАТЕЛЬНЫЙ ТЕЛЕКАНАЛ". Победим честно! Мы уверены, что заслужили стать лучшими, это будет отличной оценкой нашей работы за весь год. Мы в вас верим! Заранее спасибо и увидимся в следующих роликах! Рассказываем про Тойота Ленд Крузер Прадо J150. Ведущий: Максим Пастушенко. Мы - АВТО ПЛЮС - телеканал, который вещает 24 часа в сутки. Телеканал высокой автомобильной культуры. У нас самые горячие и подробные тест-драйвы, самые свежие новости автомобильного мира, захватывающие гонки, профессиональное мнение экспертов и многое другое. Присоединяйтесь к АВТО ПЛЮС: ВКонтакте: 🤍 Одноклассники: 🤍 Яндекс.Дзен 🤍 #ПодержанныеАвтомобили #Toyota #Prado

Новый Prado 2.8d: Откуда 200 л.с? Обзор Toyota Land Cruiser Prado150 2020 1GD-FTV


Как обновился Ленд Крузер Прадо 150 в 2020 году? Откуда в моторе 2.8d 1GD-FTV взялось 200 л.с. и ухудшит ли это надежность Тойоты? Цены запчастей от 🤍 Кредит на Prado в Credit Agricole: 🤍 Цены и ТТХ Toyota Land Cruiser Prado150 2020: 🤍 Тестируем Тойота Прадо 2018 в Африке: 🤍 Наш тест-драйв Lexus LX 450d 2020: 🤍 Наш тест Land Cruiser 300 2021: 🤍 Подробный обзор LC 300 GR-Sport: 🤍 00:00 - Вступление 04:24 - Новшества 06:19 - Спойлер 07:00 - Мотор 15:31 - Динамика 18:46 - Шумоизоляция 20:56 - О Кредитах 24:34 - Кредит в Credit Agricole 27:47 - Инфокар-Бонус 28:50 - Интерьер 29:51 - Надежность 38:57 - Защита от угона 40:51 - О KDSS 44:44 - Итоги Другие обзоры LC Prado: - Тойота Прадо 2018: 🤍 - Toyota LC Prado 2014: 🤍 - Toyota Prado 2.8 D-4D: 🤍 Тест-драйвы конкурентов Прадо: - Land Rover Defender: 🤍 - Land Cruiser 200: 🤍 - Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: 🤍 - Volkswagen Touareg: 🤍 - Toyota Highlander: 🤍 - Mazda CX-9: 🤍 #InfoCar #ЧтоПочем #ПашаКащук #Toyota #LandCruiser #Prado #ToyotaPrado #ToyotaLandCruiser #ToyotaLandCruiserPrado #Prado150 #ToyotaLCPrado #Тойота #ЛендКрузер #Прадо #ТойтоаПрадо #ТойотаЛендКрузер #ТойотаЛендКрузерПрадо #Кроссоверы #Внедорожники Альтернатива Toyota LC Prado: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Land Rover Defender, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Volkswagen Touareg Подписывайтесь на наш канал: 🤍 Наш каталог новых авто: 🤍 Ищите нас в соцсетях: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Контакт по рекламе: pasha🤍

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Second Facelift Review (Sinhala) | Auto Hub


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Second Facelift Review (Sinhala) #prado #second_facelift Visit Riya Patuna - 🤍 Special Thanks to Mr. Tilan Liyanage ❤ Find us on social media :- Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Fb group: 🤍 Follow us Instagram: 🤍 Contact Auto Hub :- 077 37 17 137 autohubasia🤍 Like, comment, share and subscribe for more... _ Music track: 🤍 Infraction - No Copyright Music _ Thank you!

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX.L 2023 | Revisión Completa


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX.L 2023 | Revisión Completa 🌎Visita Nuestro Sitio web de Asesorías 🤍 Síguenos en: 📷Instagram: (🤍 📺YouTube: (🤍 📘Facebook: (🤍 #toyotaprado #AutosFull​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


Whether you're an experienced off-roader or a first-time explorer, Prado incorporates numerous innovative technologies to support off-road driving and provide you with a superlative driving experience.

Land Cruiser Prado TX 和 TXL , 你了解多少呢 ?


你也想拥有一台属于你的 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado ?? 阅读以下关于我们进口车的过程吧 🤪👌🏼 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 价格解说 1. 日本车价 +每一台车都得加上日币 Yen 200 , 000 (运输费) 对换了汇率=车价 2.由于必须得加上不同的 年份 和 不同款式 的税务费=税务费 3.其他的文件+注册=Rm30,000 4.任何车都以 3% 现金交易计算=Rm 如果以 8% 需要贷款计算 =Rm 5. 最后加上 保险 和 路税 就是 On The Road (OTR)落地价 我们会以透明化的计算让你们知道车运到我国的 Cost Price , Cost Price 包括车价, 运费,Duty Tax. 我不敢说我们是最便宜,但我们是最公正最合理的 无需中间人直接从网络挑选,透明化没有隐瞒任何额外收费,一一的向你介绍 Recon 汽车的运作方式 !! 如果,我是说如果; 你有考虑过买 进口车的话, 可以 →→ 直接 进口 →→ 更省,更多选择 避免货不对版 避免文件不对 避免税还不足 我们以公开且透明的方式提供服务; 品质 →_→ 原装验车报告 + 保修保证 车款 →_→ 多选择 价钱 →_→ 成本价,零差价 绝对付于同等价值 可以直接从日本 , 英国 ,澳洲进口 !!! 当选了喜欢的车以后,在付全款以前我们会马上安排专业检验,确定没问题才安排船运。到达巴生港口,我们会安排洗车服务 + 检测车漆 ,然后安排修复 。在注册之前,再安排去维修厂 Service Center 做最后检验 + 换机油 Servicing 。在交车前会安排汽车美容 Polish / Wash ,确保一个美好的领车感觉。 当然我们也提供银行贷款服务。 不一样的购车方式 →_→ 趋势 👉更多选择,只需 5 年内 👉拥有信任度 KL AP 👉提供 100% 无更改严格验证报告 👉Payfull Duty / Tax 无跑税 ,还足关税 步骤 step 。。。。 Step 1 Google Search ( 🤍 ) Step 2 Register login Agent Code " jiefish " Step 3 选择 Japan 或 UK 或 Aus Step 4 选择想要的车,款式 Model , Colour 颜 色 ,年份 Year 。Only 2016 until 2020 Step 5 发给我 Pm 或 Comment or Whatsapp Step 6 我们马上让你知道价格。 - Cost Price 本钱 汇率 - 运输船运费 - Duty Tax 许要还多少 - 想知道更多,联络我们 Please follow & like and share, Subscribe YouTube !!! 👉YouTube 🤍 👉FB Page D Concept Channel 🤍 👉Instagam #dconcept_car​ #limjieyi6366​ 👉Any inquiry can Whatsapp 🤍 👉Tik tok 🤍 ( 杰哥 ) 或是留言给我们,我们势必帮你解决你的问题! No.1, Jalan Astaka 4/KU2, Bandar Bukit Raja, 41050 Klang, Selangor D.E. Lim

Toyota Prado Review en Español | Full🔥 | Un auto que sigue fiel a su esencia 🤙


¿Por qué comprar Toyota Prado? 1️⃣ Aptitudes offroad 2️⃣ Versatilidad para llevar 7 pasajeros 3️⃣ Espacio interior 4️⃣ Durabilidad 5️⃣ Valor de reventa 6️⃣ Consumo • Si te gusto este video, no olvides compartirlo con tus amigos🤟 🔴 Suscribete para más videos 🤍 ⚫ Siguenos en instagram 》🤍 🔴 Siguenos en Facebook 》🤍 📲| Para contactarnos 》carfactoryrd🤍 #toyotaprado #toyotaprado2022 #toyotalandcruiserprado #toyota #republicadominicana #santodomingo

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